I have come to believe that the greatest lie ever told in Business, is that being yourself does not equal success. There are so many books, guides, videos and experts that all regurgitate the same rules of business – value propositions, elevator pitches, mission statements etc. They are all just ways to say ‘How can I convince someone to give me something I want?’ i.e. their business.
Right from our earliest years, we are taught who we should be and how we should act. It is drilled into us through the media and enforced with a ludicrous idea of ‘professionalism’, which when you boil it down means putting on an act for the sake of conforming and avoiding the risk of standing out.

The truth of business mastery, and for that matter LIFE mastery, is simple. Instead of worrying about yourself, think about what you have to give as the real you. Be yourself and be comfortable with it, then take yourself to the world and all of the right opportunities, people and life options will come to you.

If you want something a little less esoteric sounding, then let me put it like this… TRUST is the key to winning in business and the fastest way to gain the trust of all of the right people is just to be yourself. The wrong people will steer clear and the right ones will be drawn to you.

Now all you have to do is let your fear go; the idea of being yourself may make you feel exposed but you have my word that the more you do it, the more powerful you become.

Many thanks to Baz Gardner, Founder of The Social Adviser, for this article and insight.


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