Google: Year in Search 2016

It was an eventful past year in the finance world. Let’s look at some of the top changes that occurred in 2016:

    Interest rate cuts by the RBA has left the current interest rate at a record low of 1.50%

    The ASX200 opened at 5,295.90 (04/01/2016) and closed at 5,665.80 (30/12/2016)

    Superannuation assets reached $2.1 trillion

    The combined capital city dwelling values, rose by 10.9% – with Sydney taking the top spot with a 15.9% rise in capital value.

Not to mention on a broader scale, Britain’s voted to leave the European Union (Brexit) and American’s opted to elect Donald Trump as their new President for 2017.

To conclude the 2016 season, we though you’d enjoy this short video looking back at all of the milestones in the past year. Take time to look back on all of the milestones that you have personally reached in 2016 and consider your future goals and objectives.

We trust that 2017 will be a great year for you.

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Reflecting back on 2016

Wow, what a year 2016 has been! If 12 months ago we would have told you that Britain was going to exit the EU, Donald Trump was going to become […]

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