Have you ever pulled an all-nighter in order to make a deadline because you got side-tracked and didn’t stick to your original plan when you had the time to work on it? Whether it be a personal or work related task, we have all been there before. After the damage is done, you might not have necessarily enjoyed the all-nighter, however the end result was the same – minus a little stress here or there! But what happens to the goals and objectives in our life that aren’t so easily marked on the calendar, and subsequently don’t force us into action to complete, like getting a head start on planning for retirement or paying off our debt faster?
‘Your Money Personality’ and having a greater understanding of how you finance your money can help you plan ahead to successfully meet your long-term goals and objectives. If you haven’t already, take the Money Personality quiz to see whether you are an Owl, Dolphin, Monkey or Labrador when it comes to managing your money and being financially prepared for the future.


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