When I was a kid I used to read a lot of “Choose your own adventure” books. You, the reader were the protagonist and in each chapter you were able to choose between multiple scenarios each choice shaping how the story would ultimately play out.
The choices we make in our lives are much like choose your own adventure books. To a large extent we each possess free will to choose how our lives will play out, our fulfillment and ultimate happiness are directly correlated to these choices. It begins with our thoughts and emotions and manifest in to what will eventually become our reality.

In our busy day to day lives many events occur that cause us to become emotionally charged. When these events happen we often have choice to assign positive or negative emotions to them. Most of us do this on a regular basis without thinking or being conscious of our choice, functioning on autopilot.

A classic example of this is when people begin to catastrophize and make up stories in their heads, usually these stories are about the worst possible outcome that could occur in any given situation. Suddenly the made up story takes on a life of its own and becomes the only reality that the person can see. When this happens stress levels begin to rise and making rational balanced decisions becomes near impossible.

We all know people who tend to do this, as an outsider observing this phenomenon it’s often easy to see that the catastrophizing isn’t based in reality it’s just a made up story swirling round and round, gaining momentum by feeding on its own energy.

The trick is to become aware and notice when you are slipping in to this mode, it then becomes easy to let go of the story and attached emotions. This may seem difficult at first but will become easier with practice.
The choice is yours, you decide. But choose your adventure with intent as it will shape not only your reality but all those around you too.

Daniel Grusd 


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