I recently met with a pre-retiree couple, I was going through their current situation, and financially they were in good shape. Their home was nearly paid off, they had a couple of investment properties and a Self-Managed Super Fund which had been performing well.

We were discussing their budget when I noticed that they had a relatively small amount allocated towards holidays. I decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that, despite travel being a top priority for them both, they did not think they could afford to allocate much of their budget towards it. They had decided to postpone their travel plans to some later date when they were both fully retired.

While revisiting the numbers, it became apparent that allocating more funds towards travel was entirely feasible. We got chatting about all the places they wanted to visit and the things they wanted to do. I noticed a sense of relief and excitement as their new reality set in and the travel plans that previously seemed like a dream now became an attainable reality.

Yes, living within your means is great and working within a budget is necessary, but what is the purpose of building savings and accumulating retirement funds for a later date so that “one day”
you can live out your life’s passion? What if that day never arrives or maybe even worse, what if
when it does arrive you are not well enough to take advantage of it?

Living out your passion is something that may come easier for some. For those who need a little
inspiration, here’s my quick and easy three step approach to getting you started on your journey:

1. Make a list of the top five things you want to achieve for yourself in the next 12 months.

2. For the items that require financial commitment Complete our monthly budget planner, and set
aside funding for your projects.

3. And finally, take some action and diarise when you will begin to implement the things you want
to achieve.

Looking forward to hearing how you’re making your dreams a reality.

Daniel Grusd


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